100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
LFP50-25.6, 24v 50ah lithium ion battery pack
Nominal Capacity:
50Ah LiFePO4 Battery
Nominal Voltage:
24V (25.6V)
Cycle Life:
>2000 cycles @1C 100%DOD
China Battery Industry Access Enterprise, Li-polymer
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, ROHS, TLC, etc
Products Series:
Lithium ion Battery Pack
Electric Boat, Telecom Backup, Solar-Wind System, Power System
No memory effect:
Maintenance Type:
Customized, 330*173*220 mm
By express, By air, By sea
Product Certification certification
CE Certified.
Valid from 2018-12-17 until 2049-12-31
RoHS Certified.
Valid from 2017-03-14 until 2049-12-31
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1) Inner box -carton -pallet-container
2) Packaging also can be made by customers requirements
Lead Time :
within 1-3 weeks

100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc



Product Details




MERITSUN Electric Boat Lipo LiFePO4 Battery 24V 50AH




   Purpose: Electric Boat Trolley Motor Power System
   User: America 25.6V50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Bank

America 25.6V50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Bank




 The battery performance can be customized, the following data for reference:




Nominal Voltage

25.6V (24V)

Nominal Capacity




Internal Resistance


Cycle Life

>2000 cycles @1C 100%DOD

Months Self Discharge


Efficiency of Charge

100% @0.5C

Efficiency of Discharge

96~99% @1C



Charge Voltage


Charge Mode

0.2C to 29.2V, then 29.2V,charge current to 0.02C (CC/CV)

Charger Current


Max. Charge Current


Charge Cut-off Voltage




Continuous Current


Max. Pulse Current


Discharge Cut-off Voltage



Charge Temperature

0 ℃ to 45 ℃ (32F to 113F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Discharge Temperature

-20 ℃ to 60 ℃ (-4F to 140F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Storage Temperature

0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32F to 104F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Water Dust Resistance



Cell & Method

3.2V25Ah   8S2P

Plastic Case


Dimensions (in./mm.)


Weight (lbs./kg.)




Protocol (optional)


SOC (optional)






The Product Feature, please refer to:

JYC Lithium Battery Product Feature





JYC Bluetooth Communicator (App intelligent control)





The OBM / OEM / ODM Service with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc





1 JYC Lithium Battery OEM ODM






JYC is focusing on new energy, Global market changes of battery, Through market research to constant understand customers needs in order to build a perfect service network,Own many experienced engineers and technicians, to provide comprehensive, in-depth, quickly and attentive service for you. We could response your request immediately.



JYC battery Partners




        JYC Power Specialist will estimate your power needs, identify potential problem areas

        and recommend a cost-effective solution. What you'll get:


        1. The global optimum acquisition price for any required hardware

        2. Installation considerations

        3. Ongoing support options



Company Info


The Company info with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc



3 JYC battery Video




JYC With a one of the largest battery manufacturing centers in China, finely tuned for efficiency, strong innovation capability from our R&D team, ISO standard manufacturing processes, effective management, and the awareness of being an industry leader in the supplier of batteries.


JYC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Battery.

Our advanced and professional technology, complete production lines, experienced staff and strict corporate system ensure our products quality. We pride ourselves on quality products, service and pricing, and believe that the three aspects are equally important to ensure the long-term success of overseas purchasing program.





JYC 18650 Battery, Lithium Battery, Lipo Battery, Li-ion battery, LiFePO4 Battery, Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery, Lithium iron Phosphate Battery Production Advantages:


Vertical industry chain brings outstanding cost advantages.
Strict quality control system from raw material to production and finished goods, each process has at least one to inspect.
Advanced Technology in assembling battery packs ensures each pack has precise conformance and a stable performance.
Integrated and serial product to meet different customers' needs.

Market-oriented research and develop ensure the upcoming products meet customer demands.



JYC battery Factory - lipo battery

           1. An excellent team which is experienced with market and has strong techni-cal capability to customize cost effective.

           2. Cleaner production enterprise in Guangzhou, China.

           3. OEM/ODM services backed by nearly 20 years' R&D experience.





5 JYC battery Certificate 



The Technology info with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc








The Factors of Quality Guarantee for 18650 Battery, Lithium Battery, Lipo Battery,

Li-ion battery, LiFePO4 Battery, Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery,

Lithium iron Phosphate Battery

(First-class quality management system, Professional technical form.)



JYC Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process and Professional R & D





JYC Lithium Battery BMS / PCB / PCM




Li-ion cells should always be used with a protection circuit to prevent the cell from over charging or over dis-charging. Choosing the correct circuit and applying it appropriately is vital to the longevity your batteries and your own safety. JYC test each Cells and BMS/PCB/PCM before manufacturing and promise it is functional and safe.


BMS / PCB / PCM is the "heart" of Lithium battery pack. BMS (Battery Management System) is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, protecting the battery, controlling its environment, and balancing it.




JYC Lithium Battery BMS PCB PCM 



The Applied Scope (Industry Solutions) with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc







JYC has the proven solution. JYC already provides security and stable 

to millions of users as a global.

JYC battery Applied




> Wind-Solar Energy Storage system        > Solar street lights                         > Off-grid energy storage 

> Household energy storage                     > Telecom backup system                > Mobile base stations
> Emergency backup energy sources       > Uninterruptible power system        > Grid load shifters

> Electric Golf Car                                     > Electric vehicles                            > Electric motorcycles

> Electric forklifts                                       > Electric boats, etc





The Packaging with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc



8 JYC battery Packaging 



The Instruction / Note with regard to 100%DOD >2000Times 24 Volt 24V 50Ah Li Lipo LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat etc




Battery Operation Instructions:

1. Charge:Connecting the battery pack to the charge controller, connect the charger to recharge.

2. Discharge:Connecting the battery pack to the load, connect the load to discharge.

3. When you combine the battery with series or parallels, if there are oxidation layer on the surface, you

Should brush surface to the metal glow with thin steel brush to lower the connective resistance to the minimal


4. When combining with many batteries, if the voltage between the two electrodes is over 36V, the safe

Voltage for human beings, to guarantee the safety, you should not touch the two electrodes with your body.


1. If shelve a long time suggested that the battery voltage 39.0V-40.0V, need for regular recharging (even if not use), must charge and discharge for three months one time;

2. Do not expose the battery to extreme heat or flame.

3. Do not short circuit, over-charge or over-discharge the battery pack;

4. Do not disassemble or modify the battery pack.

5. Do not handle or store with metallic like necklaces, coins or hairpins, etc.

6. Do not reverse the polarity of the battery pack for any reason.

7. Do not immerse the battery pack in water or sea water, or get it wet.

8. Use a constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) lithium-ion (Li+) battery charge controller.




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